About Vision25

About Us About Us Vision25 is a grassroots community organization that sprang from the vision for the transformation of District 25 articulated by Dr. Ennis Fant during his bid for Greenville County Council in 2016. The simplicity of the vision - empowering ordinary people to drive change and improve results in their own communities - resonated powerfully with the residents of District 25.

Motivated by the authenticity of his vision, district residents elected Dr. Fant as their County Council representative in November 2016. Subsequently, a committed group of residents and advocates of District 25 organized themselves around four pillars: Resident Engagement, Public Safety, Economic Development and Affordable Housing. Immediately after the installation of Dr. Fant into office in January 2017, Vision25 was officially launched to carry out the vision of the social and economic transformation of Greenville's District 25 community.

In its short span of existence, Vision25 has had an enormous impact in building healthy relationships between local government. The people of what has historically been the most under-served district in South Carolina's most prosperous county is now recognized. Grounded on the principles of community empowerment, responsibility and accountability, Vision25 has been instrumental in shaping strategy around important subjects like economic development, affordable housing and mass transportation that are critical to sustaining a prosperous and vibrant community for us all.

The Vision: A Dream Manifested

Our vision is to transform District 25 into a vibrant, prosperous and healthy community in which to live, work and play.

The Mission: Begin with the End in mind

Our mission is to create an empowered, economically thriving, socially healthy community by connecting people, developing businesses and responsibly leveraging assets and resources.